Bus Trip to

Houston International Quilt Festival

The Chair for the Houston Bus Trip for 2018 is Sandra Doyle


   Sandra Doyle  (cell 210-264-2812)

        November 10, 2018         

       George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, TX


      Coker United Methodist Church
                  (231 East North Loop Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216     

:   TBA

Cost:          $70.00   (required when form returned)
                    Make Checks payable to:     GSAQG
                    Mail check and form to: Sandra Doyle

Cost includes: Transportation, Entrance ticket to show, morning snack (you bring a drink), boxed sandwich for return trip supper from Jason’s Deli (we will provide water).  Also includes drivers tip, bus parking, printing and mailing expenses, gift bags, and possibly some door prizes, etc.

Deadline:  Saturday October 15th (GSAQG Meeting)

  After September 1st, refunds will only be given if someone takes your place.

Suggestions: comfortable walking shoes, shopping bag.  There is a large food court with lots of choices.  Carts and totes on wheels ARE NOT ALLOWED in the convention center.  They will NOT page anyone for you, so BRING YOUR CELL PHONE.  There is a package hold in the convention center that you may use for a small price. 

General Info:  Half the space is quilts, and the other half is vendors from all over the country, selling quilting supplies, patterns, and fabric. Rentals available for electric carts (cheaper if advance reservation, over the internet).





Second Saturday of October at the guild meeting. After September 1st, refunds will be given only if someone takes your place.